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Hot Tub Removal Services: What Are Your Options?

Is it time for hot tub removal? Hot tubs are supposed to be fun to wade around in. However, have you found that you can’t relax in your old hot tub, jacuzzi, or spa anymore? In many cases, it’s because the hot tub has deteriorated over time. When you look around yourself and all you see are cracks and scrapes, then that might be enough to ruin your mood. Don’t forget that old hot tubs can also become filthy when they aren’t maintained properly. Nobody wants to take a dip in a murky pool of swamp water, and when nobody is using a hot tub, perhaps it’s time to get rid of it!

If you are considering hot tub removal in Dana Point, CA, then you might be wondering—what’s the best way to handle this task? There are a handful of options, and whichever is best for you depends on the kind of person you are. Junk Tigers Hauling & Demolition is a junk removal company near you that handles hot tub and old spa removal, and we’ve become very familiar with the area’s hot tub disposal options as a result of our work. Let us pass this knowledge on to you so you can make an informed decision regarding your own hot tub!

DIY Hot Tub Removal

As with all things in life, you can always do the work yourself. However, bear in mind that there are challenges involved with the DIY process, so if you’re not physically fit, and if you don’t have time in your schedule, then this may not be the route you want to take. If you don’t mind some physical labor, and you have an opening in your schedule, then you can give it a shot! In the case of portable hot tubs, removal might be as simple as draining the tub, then asking a friend to help you carry it to the curb. All done!

However, there are many factors that can complicate this process. Consider a hot tub that isn’t portable, but is instead embedded into a concrete platform. Suddenly, instead of calling for a friend to help you lift something up, you’re calling for five friends and hoping that they own diamond blade saws and sledgehammers. Consider also that hot tubs might be too large to lift even with assistance, meaning you’ll have to disassemble them at least partially. And if your curbside trash pickup service refuses to take your hot tub, then you might have to transport it to a nearby disposal site instead.

When you want to remove a hot tub on your own, please do your research, figure out what’s best for the tub you own, and always exercise caution!

Hot Tub Donation Pickup

If you don’t want a portable hot tub anymore, you could always pass it along to someone else for free under the condition that they remove it for you. This is a win-win for everyone involved because you won’t have to do any work, and someone else will earn a free hot tub in the process! While there are many donation organizations nearby, you will find that it’s unusual that one will accept a hot tub. That doesn’t mean you can’t try. Plus, you can always try to give away the hot tub on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. You might be surprised at how simple it is to make something disappear when you tell the world that you’ll part ways with it free of charge.

Professional Hot Tub Disposal Services

If you urgently need a hot tub or jacuzzi pick up, and you don’t mind paying some money for it, then professional junk removal services are the way to go. There are many junk removal companies serving Orange County, and many of them will take your hot tub under a few conditions. Bear in mind you will probably need to drain the hot tub, then disconnect it from power and plumbing. If you can do that, then a junk removal company will happily handle the rest of the removal process for you.

The main downside to choosing professional junk removal companies is that there is a hot tub removal cost involved. However, consider that other options, such as DIY hot tub removal, have their own costs—namely your free time and perhaps dumping fees. Compare that to letting Junk Tigers Hauling & Demolition remove the hot tub for you. You’ll pay a simple, volume-based price, and a crew of well-mannered professionals will do all that hard work for you. This even includes the removal of concrete platforms. For those who want to save time and energy, this is the way to go!

How you deal with that unwanted hot tub is ultimately up to you. Which one of the options listed above resonates with you the most?

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  • review rating

    Joe did an awesome job demolishing 8 feet of planter ponywall and digging a 7′ x 7′ hole for a gravel hot tub foundation. He was priced fairly and extremely responsive giving me same-day service. I highly recommend Joe and his team!

    Craig L.
  • review rating

    I just used this company and they are AAA+++! Joe Tiger, the owner is amazing and so are his 2 workers, Himmie and Eddie, just amazing, they not only pick-up your junk, they also clean up afterwards. They literally swept my entire garage. Joe’s pricing is also amazing and almost half the cost of Got Junk! Joe likes to work with people and make them happy! I was elated and will definitely have them back, cause I got a lot of junk! He also offers $30.00 off your first pick-up with a $99 dollar haul away. I just love Joe and his crew! If you don’t try this company, it’s a big loss for you! When you call this company, Joe will answer the phone! 949-842-4688, you’ve got to try them!

    Becky H.
  • review rating

    Joe and his crew are exceptional! We needed a quick sofa removal and some other random kids toys and clutter from our garage removed and they got the job done. And lightening quickness!

    Joe’s crew removed our sectional sofa; no joke – the guys were in and out in 2 minutes lol.

    His crew came out on time and they removed all the items we asked them to, HELLA FAST!

    Quick response time and even faster junk removal! Hands down I will call Joe again when we move or when we purge again!

    Reliable, professional and fast service. I inquired in the late morning and Joe’s crew was at my house by 6:30pm, the same day!

    Thanks again Joe and crew!

    Lynn N.
  • review rating

    Joe Tiger & his crew showed up on time!!! Fabby Poo!! The crew picked up all junk in less than an hour. More applause for the biz! I recommend this service to all homeowners & organizations big & small who need to remove junk. Lara Garay, President HB Best Friend Dog Park.

    Laura G.
  • review rating

    I hired Joe and his team to demo a built in office in a home I recently purchased. From the point of first contact via Yelp to completion and follow up after his team completed the job, Joe was super responsive. His rate was reasonable and his team, led by Javier did an AWESOME job as they had to be extra careful since it was more of a “removal” of the built in office as opposed to a “sledge hammer demo” (trying to limit the amount of patchwork needed). The team was focused, got the job done quickly and cleaned up nicely. Great choice and would use Joe and his team again in a heartbeat!

    Christina L.
  • review rating

    I needed a patio cover structure taken down and removed. I called several demolishing and hauling companies and Junk Tigers’ price was very competitive. Joe was very responsive and professional. His team arrived on time and quickly took down the patio cover and cleaned up afterwards.

    Mike L.
  • review rating

    Junk Tigers Team is AMAZING! Quick to come to your place same day! Great TEAM! Joe was wonderful courteous great follow up and GETS IT DONE! Anything you need him to pick up he will and for a fair price! I had boxes flattened that WM did not pick up (they will pick up one bundle only) I had clothes did not need any more and trash OVER 10 bags and 7 bundles of boxes and Junk Tigers Picked it all up! BAM! So nice to have someone to haul away everything first time! I am sure I will being calling Joe again, and have referred them because they are GREAT! Thank you Joe! YOU ARE AWESOME.

    Cynthia G.
  • review rating

    I have been using Junk Tigers for years! Joe is great, he is very fair with his pricing and he shows up when he promises. I usually call and they are at my house in just a couple of hours! they have hauled everything from a treadmill to just my weekly trash. You just show them what you want them to take and they take it, super simple! Also all of the guys that work for Joe are great, Very helpful! I will continue to use junk tigers and I highly recommend them!

    Jerae V.
  • review rating

    I was very happy with the fast quote and same day junk removal. Thank you to Joe for being attentive and quick response.

    Jasmine C.
  • review rating

    I had such a great experience with Joe, Jared and their team. Joe was very responsive and accommodating and very friendly. He gave me a same-day window for when his team would arrive and they were prompt and courteous. A few hours later I remember I forgot to tell them about a door that was tucked off to the side and Joe said “no problem” and is sending the team back in a few hours. Moving was a hassle but having those guys show up the same day (twice) to get rid of all the stuff I didn’t even know I had was wonderful. A+

    Renee D.


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