Ok so I am a bit of a hoarder. I was knee deep in just crap around my house, outside my house, and my garage was wall to wall. At first my hubby and I was gonna do it but just looking at the mess I became really overwhelmed. With 2 children with special needs I just don’t have the time to clean this mess up. I mean I was having panic attacks it was a lot of clutter. I called Joe up and to come out for an estimate he came same day, he offered a nice price and I couldn’t refuse. What would have taken weeks for myself to do Joe did it in less than an hour! This man right here got it going on let me tell me you! I called many places for junk hauling and there prices are ridiculous! Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you budget is funny call Joe, he will clean up your situation! I feel relief now all that crap is gone its so nice, he swept my garage for me and everything. Plus Joe gave me another free haul, matter a fact he is on his way now! Boy you can’t bet that, Junk Tigers Hauling is on point. Let me just say hassle free too! Check them out!