I absolutely, one hundred percent recommend Joe Tiger for junk removal. I called him this morning for a quote and he told me that he wanted to give me the most accurate quote possible and asked if he could swing by my house to see what I was trying to get rid of. He told me there was no obligation at all, and that he was able to come by within the next two hours.
Joe texted me when he was 20 minutes away then arrived promptly, within the time frame he originally told me. He gave me a quote that was completely reasonable and much less expensive than several other quotes I had gotten.. He told me that he was able to do the job right then and there; I was so excited at the excellent price and the availability that I said abso-freaking-lutely.
Joe and his associate were able to clear out a large amount of junk/waste from an interior home remodel (old carpet, bookshelves, a couch, a desk, lots of cardboard, a lot of ripped out hardwood flooring, and other remodel refuse) in just a few hours; I was shocked at how quickly they were able to collect and remove all that stuff. They did a fantastic job cleaning up the area where all the junk was; I fully expected to have to sweep/clean up afterwards but they left the area clean and ready to be used!
Joe and his associate were very cordial and pleasant. They seemed extremely professional and trustworthy; I had to leave to grab cash to pay them (he only takes cash, which makes sense) and I didn’t feel uncomfortable leaving them there with full access to my garage and my belongings inside. I will most definitely use Joe Tiger again, he completely exceeded my expectations. I recommend that you save yourself time and money and call Joe first.