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Junk Tigers is dedicated to helping people and businesses get rid of unwanted junk and trash at an affordable price. At Junk Tigers we are well aware of the stress the accumulation of unwanted junk and trash causes. Often times a person inherits the hoarding junk of a loved one who has passed away and are at a lost as to what to do. We at Junk Tigers do all the work for you in getting rid of unwanted junk. You sit back and relax as we professionally remove all junk from your property.




Gary G. – Orange, CA

I hired Joe Tiger to remove a sofa, love seat and chair from my Mother-in-law’s house. Joe arrived early and carefully removed the furniture. Joe gave us a great price. I hired Joe Tiger to remove junk from my Mom’s house. He removed the junk carefully. He gave us a great price and was willing to move items to our house for free. We ended up not doing this but Joe was willing to do it. How many people do you know that would be willing to do this? Joe is a friendly guy with a positive attitude who cares about making customers happy. I wish I had other work for him to do. If you have junk that needs to removed, I highly recommend that you hire Joe.

Tonya M. – Huntington Beach, CA


Much like the other yelpers who have left reviews for this company, this company and their team lead Joe go above and beyond. I wish I had taken pictures before and after of the backyard cleanup that I had them come out and do. Their pricing is crazy reasonable, but beyond that, Joe’s attention to detail and responsiveness to me was unparalleled. If he had a question, he would text me. Before and after each day of the job he would follow up with me to make sure things were satisfactory and to check and see if there was anything else I needed. He did the larger portion of the job before even getting any money from me. He showed up THE VERY NIGHT I called him to come assess and quote the job. It was dark out so he had his own lamp with him and everything. This company has nothing more to offer but an upbeat attitude and the kind of efficient professionalism that we all try to look for in people we do business with. I think what made it seem so effortless (although I know Joe and his team work tirelessly with much dedication to get my yard cleaned up) was the fact that Joe didn’t give me any contracting mumbo jumbo to weed through. By keeping things simple and making sure that they were doing what they had promised to do, Junk Tigers has won my business this time and for every other time in the future when I may have demolition and hauling needs. They left my yard in PRISTINE condition. The cherry on top to all of this, ok, wait for it………is that Joe noticed one of my trash bins was overfull so he took it upon himself to empty out some of my garbage for me so I had a little bit more room before trash day! UNHEARD OF KINDNESS AND CONSIDERATION from no other company I know. THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING! THANK YOU, JOE! THANK YOU JUNK TIGERS HAULING TEAM!

Cheslee B. – Huntington Beach, CA


Ok so I am a bit of a hoarder. I was knee deep in just crap around my house, outside my house, and my garage was wall to wall. At first my hubby and I was gonna do it but just looking at the mess I became really overwhelmed. With 2 children with special needs I just don’t have the time to clean this mess up. I mean I was having panic attacks it was a lot of clutter. I called Joe up and to come out for an estimate he came same day, he offered a nice price and I couldn’t refuse. What would have taken weeks for myself to do Joe did it in less than an hour! This man right here got it going on let me tell me you! I called many places for junk hauling and there prices are ridiculous! Ain’t nobody got time for that! If you budget is funny call Joe, he will clean up your situation! I feel relief now all that crap is gone its so nice, he swept my garage for me and everything. Plus Joe gave me another free haul, matter a fact he is on his way now! Boy you can’t bet that, Junk Tigers Hauling is on point. Let me just say hassle free too! Check them out!

Tan D. – Los Angeles, CA


I don’t normally write reviews but Joe from Junk Tiger went above and beyond. He came by my place on a Saturday afternoon and hauled half of my garage without any hesitation. It probably took him 30 mins to load it onto this truck. I offered to help but told me to sit back and relax and he will take care of it. Awesome service! I will definitely recommend him in the future.

Sam N. – Westminster, CA


I found this company online. The owner was very reasonable with his price for the job I needed done. Here is what impressed me about him. I called him and he went out to my home to look and give an estimate of the job. He calls me and gives me a quote and it was negotiated. Without seeing me and without any deposit, he offered to do the hauling of the junk outside the house. He would be taking a risk. I was impressed with his trust of a total stranger. His work is excellent. He is very punctual and he even swept and washed the areas that he cleaned. He is truly incredible and I will definitely use his services again. Check out his website for all the other details.

Emily F. – Mission Viejo, CA


I absolutely, one hundred percent recommend Joe Tiger for junk removal. I called him this morning for a quote and he told me that he wanted to give me the most accurate quote possible and asked if he could swing by my house to see what I was trying to get rid of. He told me there was no obligation at all, and that he was able to come by within the next two hours. Joe texted me when he was 20 minutes away then arrived promptly, within the time frame he originally told me. He gave me a quote that was completely reasonable and much less expensive than several other quotes I had gotten.. He told me that he was able to do the job right then and there; I was so excited at the excellent price and the availability that I said abso-freaking-lutely. Joe and his associate were able to clear out a large amount of junk/waste from an interior home remodel (old carpet, bookshelves, a couch, a desk, lots of cardboard, a lot of ripped out hardwood flooring, and other remodel refuse) in just a few hours; I was shocked at how quickly they were able to collect and remove all that stuff. They did a fantastic job cleaning up the area where all the junk was; I fully expected to have to sweep/clean up afterwards but they left the area clean and ready to be used! Joe and his associate were very cordial and pleasant. They seemed extremely professional and trustworthy; I had to leave to grab cash to pay them (he only takes cash, which makes sense) and I didn’t feel uncomfortable leaving them there with full access to my garage and my belongings inside. I will most definitely use Joe Tiger again, he completely exceeded my expectations. I recommend that you save yourself time and money and call Joe first.

Shannon M. – Mission Viejo, CA


A combination of demolition projects and items left by my home’s previous occupants left me needing to move a mountain. One call to Joe and all was right with the world. He was able to come out the same day (Saturday) and confirmed the expected arrival time via text (nice touch!)! Upon arrival, he and his assistant quickly got to work removing many large heavy items that I had no chance of moving myself. They even emptied the overflowing trash and recycle bins. Upon completion, they swept up the garage and side yard, leaving them looking 100% better than before they started. All of this happened in less than 30 minutes!

Thank you Joe for helping to restore a little order to the chaos!

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